5 reasons why your business needs a newsletter, part 2

Maybe you still don’t think your business needs a newsletter. Perhaps part 1 of the why your business needs a newsletter series didn’t convince you. That’s why there are 5 parts to the series rather than 1 (would 1 be a series?). Not everyone latches onto the value of a newsletter with just one reason.

As you might imagine, that takes us to the second reason why your business needs a newsletter.

Reason #2 is that a newsletter safeguards your customers from “poaching” by competitors.

Many times, when you lose a client to a competitor, it’s for pretty common reasons – and quite often none of them have anything to do with your product or service.

So how can your customer be lured away? What makes them spend part or all of the dollars you should have gotten with your competition?

  • The competitor is â??thereâ? when you arenâ??t
  • Time passes without contact from you
  • A feeling on the customerâ??s part that you donâ??t care about them*

* In numerous surveys and research studies, THE NUMBER ONE REASON given by customers for switching vendors or trying new and different vendors is: PERCEIVED INDIFFERENCE toward them by the merchant!

Think about it. How many of the businesses and vendors you deal with have exerted ANY sort of effort to help you get more value out of their product or service in the last 90 days?

How many times in the last 30, 60, 90 days has your car dealer’s service department contacted you about your vehicle? You might get an automated postcard based on your estimated mileage, but does anyone follow up to help you schedule an appointment? Do they tell you about the 37 customers whose vehicles had that same maintenance in the last 90 days – and had serious safety or long-term care issues discovered before they could cause a serious problem?

Did your outdoor power equipment store (there I go again) contact you to make sure your mower, trimmer and other summer yard equipment started fine and is ready to go for the summer’s mowing season? I doubt it.

Did your accountant contact you (yes, in MAY!) to remind you that now is the time to make adjustments in your tax situation, rather than on December 15th?

Does anyone follow up like this? Your dentist? Vet? Favorite restaurant? Dry cleaners? Wholesale supplier? I doubt it.

Plenty more examples could be tossed out there, but I think you see a pattern by now.

A dentist’s services are fairly personal, but you might consider a different one if you got a flier or newsletter in the mail talking about how your overall health affects your teeth and what 3 foods are critical to long-term mouth health – particularly if your current dentist never said a word about it. “Brush and floss more, see you in 6 months” is not a marketing campaign.

Most clients aren’t given a reason to come back. They may just think you stop caring the minute your car leaves the parking lot. They are low-hanging fruit for your competition, unless you are doing something to keep yourself in front of them, personally.

How many of your vendors really show you that they care? Have they done anything after the sale to make you think that the purchases you make are appreciated and important to them?

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  1. Thank you for a very nice piece on newsletters. I’ve been trying to get it off the ground for sometime but after reading your article I’m going to go for it. The other thing that I agree with you and I know I’m guilty of it as well is not getting in touch with the clients after they have purchased by time tracking application. I actually have decided to implement something similar and this is to send a handwritten thank you note to every one who buys my app. I know it’s a little thing but it is something that makes them think about you.

    Thanks again for the nice post.

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