5 reasons why your business needs a newsletter, part 3

History tells me that there are still folks out there who think a newsletter isn’t going to help their business. Not in my wildest dreams do I think I’m going to change ANYONE’s mind. If neither part 1 nor part 2 of this series offered you a real reason to change your mind, you shouldn’t be surprised. Why?

Frankly, I don’t expect to change too many minds. As you know, change is tough, but I’m writing this for the entrepreneur who is looking for another edge, a little bump. Change isn’t tough for entrepreneurs. It’s what they depend on.

So, if everything in your business is just fine and you don’t need to keep your clients or have them buy more, buy more often, or be better informed about your products, I think there’s still some new content over at AmericanIdol.com:)

On the other hand, if you would like to learn more about what a newsletter can do, keep reading…

Enough bluster, let’s get on with it.

Reason # 3 to have a client newsletter is to demonstrate appreciation for your clients.

One way you do that is by sending them something that can help or entertain them. Even though your newsletter may contain a coupon, offer or product announcement – it’s NOT sales material.

Instead, it’s a â??friendlyâ? communication that is NOT all about asking the customer to buy. It’s about having some fun, passing on some useful information (but not too “heavy”), profiling a customer, thanking IN PUBLIC anyone who gave you a referral, and perhaps, recognizing new clients.

Regardless of the reason you do so, every mention of a client in your newsletter makes THEM “famous”. Talk about their events, their business, their industry – and they’ll want more.

The result: When it arrives, they look forward to it. You get calls or emails about it because they appreciate being mentioned in your newsletter – whether it goes out to 10 or 10,000 (remember, they have no idea). Because you send it out monthly, it’s a publication, not junk mail to sell me something that gets thrown away.

The slight edge is that most businesses won’t bother sending a newsletter in the mail every month. They’re too lazy or cheap.

I look at it this way: If I can’t afford to spend a dollar a month on each of my clients in order to keep their attention on my business, to remind them about what I do and to show appreciation for their business – then something is seriously wrong with the economics of my business.