5 reasons why your business needs a newsletter, part 5

So you’ve read the last 4 reasons why I think your business needs a print newsletter and you’re still here. Good for you, regardless of what you’ve decided to do – even if you havent decided to do anything.

Reason #5 is probably the most obvious, yet it’s one of those things routinely ignored by a lot of businesses.

You’ve seen them.

They’re the ones obsessed with getting new clients, yet their existing clients haven’t heard from them since their initial purchase. Oddest of all, they KNOW that their new clients cost more in marketing dollars (and elsewhere) to get than it costs to keep an existing client and do business with them.

Reason #5 is to directly stimulate repeat business.

Just to be clear: your newsletter can have an offer or two in it, but it should not be a sales piece. That said, there are obviously things you can do to make it clear that someone should email or call to ask about a product or service. A customer success story is one great way to do that.

A newsletter stimulates repeat business because people are busy. Surprise, right? 🙂 Just like you, they have some combination of T-ball, soccer, Scouts, swim team, basketball, Rotary, softball, football, Chamber of Commerce, and so on. And once in a while, they have to clean the house, work at the office, wash the car or mow the yard. Without a “reason why”, it’s awfully easy for them to randomly choose the next restaurant they attend.

You know the game:

“What do you want?”

“I dunno, what do you want?”

“Oh, I dont care, whatever you want is fine.”

And so on. Not one of you has escaped this little game. Some probably play it every week.

However, if your favorite Italian restaurant’s newsletter arrived in the mail last Tuesday with a coupon for a free Tiramisu with any dinner, along with a story about the romantic trip taken by the owner and her husband, who went to Italy to select the hand-picked basil in their new sauce. Now which place is at the top of your mind?

Answer: You’re eating Italian.  Because someone took a little bit of effort to write a newsletter and stick it in the mail.

The same thing happens with hammers, lawn chairs, grass seed, liquor, dry cleaning, coffee, donuts and haircuts. Give em a reason to come in and be in front of them regularly and repeat business is a natural result.