Political Marketing: Are Obama, Clinton and McCain asking to be blacklisted?

On Tuesday, DirectMag (a direct marketing publication) wrote about Barack Obama’s email marketing list being polluted with “anti-spam zealots”. IE: people who get super angry and vindictive about every spam email that hits their inbox. Someone subscribed the email addresses of a number of these “zealots” to Obama’s email list and even worse, used names […]

Political marketing: Mobile and phone support

One obvious opportunity for Presidential candidates is to utilize the existing text messaging and voice broadcast capabilities available to anyone marketing their own products. Here’s a comparison of how the candidates use these tools. Mitt Romney : Offers news updates via text message. Also offers a personalized voice broadcast system (web-based) where you can send […]

Political marketing: Comparing the first emails from the candidates

Some of the Presidential candidates start off a bit behind the pack because they didn’t ask for a first name when collecting my email address. Only Ron Paul asked for first, last, zip and email in his entry-level email form. The end result: They cant personalize that all important first contact with me when they […]

Political marketing: Comparing the signup process & first impressions of the candidate sites

Each candidate’s web site includes a way to get on their email list so you can get current news about your favorite Presidential candidate. Today, I compare the sites from a “I’m here for the first time and I want to get news emailed to me” perspective, as well as give some first impressions of […]