A perfect storm of follow ups

This week has been a surprising one in the land of the follow-up.

First, after noting a while back (here and here) that my local golf club wasn’t taking the steps they should be in contacting me for the upsell regarding the golf shop, the restaurant, real estate investments, etc…..I received an order form for a 2006 twilight golf membership.

Now, to be sure, there was no brochure, info about the restaurant or other facilities, but AT LEAST they sent it. Improvements are always appreciated. Lets see more.

Next up – Katrina.

A friend of mine lives about 2 hrs NNW of New Orleans. He is pretty well connected with the governor’s office, so right after Katrina finished tearing up the state, I asked him who I should contact if I had some resources to send to Louisiana. He text messaged his guy during a press conference with the governor and got a phone number for me. I called, left a message and a few days later received a call to discuss the situation (an offer of 150 helicopters based in Montana, by virtue of an associate of friend of mine).

As it turned out, Louisiana never ended up utilizing the helicopters, but I was invited to contact FEMA a few weeks later to sign up to provide further services.

The follow up? Yesterday morning, someone from the Louisiana Governor’s office called my cell to thank me for offering help AND asked for my mailing address so the Governor could send a thank you letter. Major league. Lots of things went wrong in her office (and elsewhere) during Katrina, but this was something done right.

These are the kinds of things that you do to make yourself and your organization memorable. It’s not that hard, folks.