A takeaway from LeBron’s lesson

During the 2007 NBA finals, NBA big man LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers learned a valuable lesson. Hopefully Cleveland did as well.

The lesson?

In sports, ONE guy can’t do it all, and if ONE guy is all you have and your opponent shuts down that ONE guy – you’re in trouble.

ESPN.com discusses the lesson with LeBron, but it isn’t clear that he gets it. Perhaps he’s being nice and taking the blame himself, perhaps not. He closes the article with “I must get better.”

While there’s no doubt that he’s right – and little doubt that he will improve, the real issue is his team. He needs to surround himself with better players.

A better team.

Where are the weaknesses on your team? Why do you tolerate them? What can you start doing tomorrow to improve your team’s performance?