Advertising and Endorsements

Advertising and endorsements appear on this site in several forms:

  • I say I use something. I might even say it works for me. Just because it worked for me doesn’t mean it will work for you, no matter how much you might trust my experience and opinion.
  • I link to people’s sites (blog posts, personal sites, business sites) to refer you what they said, what they did, what they read or what they think. Occasionally, they sell stuff on their site. If I endorse their stuff, I say so. Otherwise I don’t endorse their stuff, even though I might have the utmost respect for that person. Why? Because I haven’t used it.
  • I link to resources that I believe in and use. Examples of this include but are not limited to books on Amazon. In some cases, the links are affiliate links that do not increase the price of an item you might order. These links are automatically affliate-ized by my blog software, but that doesn’t change my opinion of them. Occasionally, I get a small check as a result of your use of these links. HOWEVER, I don’t link to these resources simply because of the potential affiliate income. Would it make sense to recommend some junk I’ve never seen or used and risk the trust I’ve worked hard for solely to earn a $0.48 affiliate commission from Amazon, or an occasional $9 check from Jim Rohn? Not on your life.

Legally Worthless but Heartfelt Disclaimer

No matter what I think about a product or service, it may or may not help you reach your goals. It might not work for you no matter how hard to try to make it successful.

I can *guarantee* that the things I mention/recommend won’t help you one little bit if you buy it, sit it on a shelf or on your hard drive and let it gather dust.

Buying something isn’t strategic action, it’s shopping. Buying something and then USING it is strategic action.

Don’t buy stuff you won’t take action on, or don’t have time for. Take action on what you buy.

When making a purchase, make your own decision.

FTC impact

Think this discussion is silly? The FTC doesn’t.

Nothing has changed regarding what makes me decide to tell you about a product or service I’ve had success with.

What has changed is the FTC’s handling of recommendations, endorsements, testimonials and advertising. They are itching to make an example of someone.

As such, I feel obligated to explain what prompts me to discuss a product or service on my site.