AdWords is my ONE today.

Maybe it’s not a dog (apologies to dogs everywhere) where you are today, but Google AdWords is slower than a 55 gallon drum of molasses that just arrived in a freezer truck from Ice Station Zebra.

And that’s when it’s working – which has been very sporadic so far.

Be careful what you depend on. Even Google can be your ONE.

What’s a ONE?

One is the most dangerous number in business. You’ve likely heard Kennedy say it numerous times. I sure have.

Putting yourself in the position of having only 1 of something that is absolutely critical to your business.

1 supplier, 1 employee who knows how to <whatever> that you don’t, 1 media (or 1 publication in that media), 1 source of raw materials, 1 computer, 1 …something… that will royally torch your day, week or month if it happens to go south.

Examples of a One:

  • “We make most of our money from cold calls to people we dont know”. Enter the Do Not Call list.
  • “We get 85% of our orders by sending faxes to businesses we have no relationship with”. Enter new permission-only fax legislation.
  • “We have email addresses for all of our customers, so we don’t need their mailing address.” Enter spam legislation.
  • “Marge is the only one who knows how to assemble the items we sell and the process isnt on video or documented in writing.” Enter a drunken nutball who t-bones Marge’s car on the way home today, or Marge’s dad suddenly entering the hospital, or Marge wins the lotto.

Ones can be painful. Do your best to eliminate them.