All women think alike, right?

tennis.jpgMaybe in your mind, but in reality…Not even close.

Holly Buchanan illustrates this in today’s guest post from Copyblogger, where she shatters the soccer mom persona with profiles of four women who seem very similar, but are in fact are 4 very different people seeking very different things.

If you sell tennis gear, do you think that Brooke Shields, Paris Hilton, and Ivanka Trump would all saunter into your tennis store and buy the same racket, balls, clothing and so on?

I sure hope not. Your positioning and your marketing had better reflect who you’ve decided to focus on, or you might lose all of them to a competitor. Even if your local clientèle is far different from those women, they are also quite different from each other.

If your clients are men, would they all respond to an ad based on bass fishing and NASCAR?

It isn’t just women.

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