Amazon pump fakes, goes right, dunks.

That’s hard to do in a pair of ladies’ pumps:)

A Cajun friend pointed out to me yesterday that has an offer going that gives you a $5 discount when you request overnight shipping. I didn’t ask him why he was shopping for ladies shoes. Maybe he has small feet, but I digress.

Yes, you read that right. Change to overnight shipping and get a $5 discount.

This is instructive for several reasons:

  • The profit margin on ladies’ shoes is really nice, even at Amazon prices. A $5 discount looks far bolder than it really is.
  • Shoes are a VERY personal buy. Fit is everything. Getting people to buy them over the net before trying them on is a battle. Getting women to do so, given the generalization that women care a lot more about shoes than guys do (sneakers and hiking boots notwithstanding), is a major challenge.
  • I suspect NO ONE else will follow suit and do this or something similar. I suspect most online shoe stores will look at this, shake their heads and do nothing in response. They think they’re different because they aren’t Amazon (owner of
  • What will brick and mortar shoe stores do? Will they think “Ah, it’s online, we don’t care what they do”. Or will they think back to when small mom and pop bookstores thought the same thing, see a competitor doing something and react?

Finally, do any of Amazon’s competitors ever do anything unique, creative or interesting BEFORE Amazon does? Think about that for a minute, then look in the mirror…

Who is your Amazon?