Are you foolish?

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Today’s guest post is from the guys over at Lateral Action and is all about seeming busy while not being productive.

Or more accurately, it’s about being more productive and efficient but at the wrong things.

Are you productive where it counts – at the right things?

Make quick work of the post at the above link and see if you’re reading about yourself. If you are, put some tools in place to help you focus on the right stuff.

A paper notebook / checklist is fine – as long as you USE it.

Paper doesn’t work for me. It creates clutter and makes things worse.

I need an automated solution that nags me a little – and I use the GTD system by David Allen to make stuff happen. Fortunately, there’s software that supports GTD. If you use Windows, the GettingThingsDone add-in for Microsoft Outlook is a strong tool. On the Mac side of things, OmniFocus uses Getting Things Done principles to help you stay on track. I’ve used both of these tools and find them incredibly helpful.

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