Pivots make customer service personal

It was Saturday so my social calendar was in full swing. Earlier today, I met a friend for lunch and barley pops at a place that has a sunny, well-lit dining area perfect for the first sunny day in a long while. After being greeted as we sat down, no less than five different wait […]

Consistent communication is essential

Tomorrow’s post is in part about consistent communication, so this catch by Kelly Kautz about 2 tweets from Delta this weekend seems like a good intro. When your message is not consistent, you can expect the unhappy reactions found in the comments to that tweet. Communicating while considering the conversation going on in the minds of your clientele […]

Win on low price, lose on low price

Do you depend on having the best price to win business? If so, are you sure that’s really how you want people to choose your company? I ask that because if you cut your price 10%, that 10% comes out of your profit margin. Perhaps obvious, but not always something folks pay attention to – […]