Show them the ladder

On many occasions, I have advised you to offer higher-priced, higher-value products and services because they focus you on high-lifetime-value customers whose loyalty extends beyond what’s on sale this week. Likewise, we’ve talked about using those higher-priced products and services to “subsidize” the value-priced part of your business so that you can find more high-lifetime-value […]

Oil and windshields

Photo credit: Steve Snodgrass As I noted earlier, the drive to Oregon and back provided a few lessons here and there. Yesterday, we talked about the welcome. Today, it’s what comes after the welcome. Oregon law requires that an attendant pumps your gas. That’s right, you *cannot* pump your own gas in Oregon. I don’t […]

Little, inexpensive things mean a lot

credit: Dennis Wong What transforms an experience from “acceptable” to “cant wait to tell my friends”? To me, “acceptable” service starts with a smile, an effort to make sure the customer received what they came for, eye contact and a thank you. “Can’t wait to tell my friends” service doesn’t come *before* you do little […]

@GaryVee: Don’t be average, Average Joe

Normally, I hold guest posts till the weekend, but folks, that wouldn’t be fair to you. This video is a gift that keeps on giving and you need to see it now. Enjoy. Whether you run a specialty retailer in Billings, a publishing company in Winnipeg, an e-commerce store in Colorado Springs, a niche business services operation in San […]