Bank of America carding illegal immigrants – brilliant

Bank of America decides to give credit cards to illegal immigrants. You can see the story at

Set the politics aside for a moment, heck, even set aside my undying devotion for Bank of America’s horribly arcane online banking site (a topic for a future rant, perhaps), and of course, assuming it really is legal to issue cards to these folks, this is a brilliant move.

Everyone in the banking biz is out there fighting (well, as much as a bank WILL fight) for new clients. Most of them are doing the same old things and getting the same old results. Taking a customer from bank A by giving away a toaster, giving the customer to bank C because of a free whoosewhatiz, and so on. Yawn.
Why is this brilliant?

  • It gets a pile of new customers to open accounts (note the requirements to issue a card).
  • It gets this new group of clients perhaps their first taste of banking.
  • The next time they need bank services, where do you think they’ll go?
  • When they decide to start a business, where will they go?
  • When they need a loan for a new truck for their business, or a car for their family, where will they go?

Yeah, I know all the political connotations and the complexity of the whole thing, but on a strictly business basis, this is a smart move if they handle it properly.

At least it shows that they are thinking. Maybe they’ll even fix that awful website:)

3 replies on “Bank of America carding illegal immigrants – brilliant”

  1. It may be a BRILLIANT (my apologies to Guiness) move on BofA’s part in order to tap into a hereto untapped mass of potential customers BUT is it the right move? Aiding and abetting illegals immigrants is against the law, and companies and others that flaunt that law are doing nothing positive for the U.S.. Those that condone such behavior are enablers. Don’t forget, just 5.5 yrs ago we had a group of illegals fly 3 planes into buildings and another into the ground. Maybe BofA’s headquarters building could be next…with their own help!

  2. Brilliant, business-wise, as I noted “assuming it really is legal to issue cards to these folks”. I doubt it is, but no one seems interested in enforcing laws, its far more “fun” to make up new ones and ignore the ones already on the books.

    That of course, is not limited to immigration law.

    As you note, the big picture ramifications are obvious, but not the topic of my post:)

  3. Thinking outside of the box, looking to tap into untapped markets, things Rescue Marketing espouses is great business sense and will result in success. Doing something illegal, immoral, et al is poor business sins (spelling intentional). Positive efforts will begat positive outcomes. BofA’s ill conceived scheme will begat a loss of their current customer base — it already has — and will cause many to look at BofA with a skeptical eye in future endeavors.

    Anywho, keep up the good fight!

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