Be different or die

Imagine that you go to the weekly Chamber of Commerce lunch. Everyone eats the chicken except for the real estate agents.

For some reason, every real estate agent eats fish. Sadly, they all get food poisoning and die the next day.

The next week, how many real estate deals fail to close?


This is NOT limited to real estate agents.

Now, store that away for a moment and think about how you need to differentiate yourself.

If you are a real estate agent, consider your relationship with everyone who has ever bought a house from you, whose house you’ve sold, whose business you’ve helped them buy or sell. Every one of them is being chased by another agent.

If 100 carpet cleaners closed next week in Chicago, maybe people would have to wait a day or so, but generally speaking I’ll bet you that no one outside of friends and family of those businesses would even notice. Someone else would get the business without much of a second thought by the customers with dirty carpets.

This is NOT limited to carpet cleaners.

One of the things we help small businesses do is something that Dan Kennedy calls “Putting a cage around your customers”. IE: locking out the competition by making them irrelevant. You have to do things to make this happen, but look at the payoff.

Are you willing to be different?

And maybe, just maybe, reconsider eating the fish:)