Bose understands what people want

I admit it. I own several Bose products. Not necessarily because my wife likes them, but it helps 🙂

When my ears were younger, I had a better ear for good and bad audio systems than many. It’s an enthusiast thing I suspect, just like a dyed in the wool car guy can tell the sound of a Chevy V8 and a Ford V8. Some might call me an audiophile, but I prefer the word enthusiast.

Audiophiles tend to despise or at least hold disdain for Bose. I remember being in a group of people who would be mortified if you didnt have your bass and treble settings on zero (ie: not turned down, not turned up). No matter what it sounded like.

Good sound, as defined by the buyer rather than by the audiophile, is different for each person.

In today’s “guest post”, Perry Marshall tells you what the audiophiles don’t necessarily understand about Bose and their customers, and what the marketers do.

Are you sure you understand what your customers really want?