Business owners: What would you blog about your biz?

Glenn Ross over at emailed me this afternoon to ask what *I’d* blog about if I owned a jewelry store, in response to his post titled “12 topics I’d blog on if I owned a jewelry store”.

His topics are pretty good and I think I’d use each of them. Since he asked, I’ll see if I can come up with 12 more.

  • How to choose an engagement ring, ie: what in the world do all those buzzwords mean and why should I care? How much should I spend? What’s that 2 months salary thing about, anyhow??? Should I bring her along or surprise her? Trivia: I sold my motorcycle to buy my wife’s ring. Hey, I was young, gimme a break:)
  • How to choose wedding bands, whether you’re on a cheeseburger or a Chateaubriand budget.
  • How do I choose a jeweler? What I should look for in a jeweler? What should scare me off? What doesn’t matter? (is there anything?) How are we different from the box stores? Chain stores vs family stores vs the box stores.
  • Our story. The history of the store, the building we’re in, the owner, the staff, our families, what we do, what we care about. How we got into the jeweler biz and why we stay in it, how my staff got there, how we learned to do what we do, what makes us tick?
  • Celebrity watch. What’s the celebrity-of-the-month wearing and should you care? (You may not care what they are wearing, but look at the subscription numbers for People magazine and ratings for reality shows – someone cares)
  • How to buy a watch. Timex, Casio, Rolex, Piaget? Pocket or wrist? How should I choose one for someone else? (there are clues, where to I find them?)
  • What we do. How we’re different. How we’re the same. What you should expect when doing business with us. Why you’ll do business with us and never go anywhere else.
  • What’s new in the industry? What we learned at the last trade show we attended and why you should care (or not).
  • Stones. Lots of territory to cover here, from price to care, to proper choices, birthstones and their origin, synthetics, famous stones (Hope Diamond, for example), and so on. How to choose, what to watch out for.
  • Metals. Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, junk metals, grades, what to look for, what to avoid.
  • Videos. Watch us create. Watch us repair. Watch us clean. Show your clients how to change batteries, identify fakes, clean and care for jewelry and similar items.
  • Gift selection. Hard not to choose this one, even though Glenn already did:) Not only what the ideal gifts are for holidays, but how to help us help you figure out what to get (metals, stones, sizes, etc).

You may be thinking “My business is different. I cant blog about it.”

I really dont think it matters whether you own a dental practice or a garbage service. There are lots of questions to answer. Questions the search engines love the answers to, but more importantly, questions that your prospective (and current) clients want to know before they pick up the phone.

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