Can they find your business in the card catalog?

When you watch this video by Michael Wesch, try to set the “coolness” aside. Yeah, it’s nicely done, and it does a great job of driving it’s point home. But that’s not why I’m asking you to watch it.

I’m asking because it’s directly applicable to your marketing and positioning.

I will warn you that the video is 5 min 29 seconds long, and I’m going to ask you to watch it twice, so please take the 11 minutes. Just do it. Trust me:)

Go back and watch the video again, but this time, watch it with a different thought process: Every time the concept of information, seeking it, accessing it, categorizing it, etc comes up during the video, think “prospects looking for my products and services and information about them”.

Are your products and services as easy to learn about and buy as you thought they were 10 minutes ago? Is your message as clear as you thought it was?