Can your site handle 12 people an hour?

If 100,000 potential customers were brought to the â??doorstepâ? of your Web site â?? right now â?? how would you capture and hold their attention? Ok, maybe 100k in one day is a little much for you.

How about 12 people every hour, all day today? Could you keep the attention of that trickle of people?

Do that for 364 more days, and you’ll have an idea how to keep the attention of 100,000 visitors.

How long do they stay on your site now? How do you get them to come back? Of the ones who did return, what made them want to come back? If you don’t know, isn’t it time to get to work on finding those things out? The reasons are obvious.

Which reminds me. Yesterday’s post was my 400th blog post at Business is Personal, and we’re not even 3 years old yet (awww, isn’t it cuuuuute?)

If you’re keeping score, the post count looks something like this…

121 relating to marketing
82 on competition
66 on management
57 on entrepreneurs
53 on corporate America
47 relating to continuous improvement (aka the slight edge)
45 on strategy
38 on customer service (Glenn, how you let me get away with that?)
35 on getting it (as in, people/businesses who “get it”, it being how to run their business well)
23 book reviews (way over due on these)
22 on Wal-Mart (seems like more)
20 on media
17 on automation
16 on Montana
14 on software
14 on politics (related to business)
12 on technology
12 on sales
12 on good examples
10 on employees

and a smattering of others elsewhere. The totals don’t add up to 400, as many posts are tagged with multiple categories.

I’d be interested in what you’d like to hear more about, or if the current mix is about right for what your business needs.

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