Tell your fish story, Mr. Limpet

During a recent trip to Oregon, our journey took us to a dockside seafood restaurant in Newport. As you can see from my photo, this restaurant offers fresh local seafood in addition to meals made with the local catch. Take a close look at the sign used to describe this salmon. We know that the […]

The value of trust

In this TED talk, Amanda Palmer explains “Business is Personal” in the context of her music and art businesses. It’s obvious that her connection with fans and followers is personal and immensely important to her. From a business perspective, not having that connection would mean she’d have to act like most other musicians. IE: Sign with […]

Marketing inside the Tasting Room

Puit d’Amour from St. Honoré Boulangerie This past week, I had the pleasure of visiting the still somewhat chilly seaside of Oregon thanks to a handful of out of town appointments. In between the productive parts of the week, we managed to visit a couple of western Oregon wineries. While a good time was had […]

How does your entrepreneurial garden grow?

photo credit: RonAlmog Today’s guest post from Jim Rohn arrives courtesy of Nightingale-Conant. Once again, a page of essential insight from always-on Mr. Rohn. What have you done today to improve yourself? Is investment in yourself part of your daily todo list?  

Moving to where the jobs are

photo credit: Koshyk In today’s guest post from Forbes, an interactive map showing where people are moving to and from, county by county across the US. Thanks to @BeckyMcCray for sharing it with me.

After The Honeymoon

photo credit: James Jordan Recently, I stopped into a niche retail business for the very first time. They’ve done a nice job with it. Haven’t been open long, so some of the obvious things I’d suggest to make the place a real customer magnet weren’t in place yet. I have a feeling they might get […]

Literacy of a different sort

photo credit: One Laptop per Child One of the things I’m always pushing clients to do is expand their education. Naturally, that includes the education of their staff, if they have one. This education expands well beyond your line of business, because there are valuable lessons from every industry. Likewise, there are processes in almost […]

Predictably Creating Value

photo credit: nagillum As I read the story about the success of logger James Stupack’s new business, it struck a chord with me. I was quite pleased to hear of his creativity and stick-to-it attitude. It’s easy to give up. He didn’t. He added value. I’ve spent a lot of time talking to folks locally […]

What Jack said.

photo credit: Steve Snodgrass Recently, I’ve been having an ongoing discussion with a business owner who is finding cracks in their business. A lot of what we’ve been talking about is foundational. Not because the business owner isn’t smart, but because it makes no sense to talk about the complexities of a bottom of the […]

Help your customers become better buyers

photo credit: kevindooley Better, more knowledgeable buyers tend to spend more, but they often need help doing so. Who hasn’t looked at a restaurant wine list, and then thought it’d be nice to have the Wine Spectator articles (or a similar resource) on those 2 or 3 bottles you’re trying to choose between? Until recently, […]