Consistent communication is essential

Tomorrow’s post is in part about consistent communication, so this catch by Kelly Kautz about 2 tweets from Delta this weekend seems like a good intro. When your message is not consistent, you can expect the unhappy reactions found in the comments to that tweet. Communicating while considering the conversation going on in the minds of your clientele […]

How to break a business coma

photo credit: US Army Africa We talk about a wide array of business topics/suggestions here at Business is Personal. Occasionally, I get emails asking how to get all of these things done in a state of overwhelm. It’s an easy problem to have. You have plenty of ideas and read the things I and others […]

Doing work they’d be proud of

photo credit: deflam As I was up early to write (as I start most every morning), the reading that primes my writing time started with a piece by @Umairh Haque, who writes for the Harvard Business Journal. It referred to a question Steve Jobs asked John Sculley (at the time, President of Pepsico) when trying to […]

Have you perfected the art of flawless first time deployment?

Curiosity’s shadow through the lens’ dust cover. Credit: NASA Anyone who has built something for public sale has felt both the pain and joy of deployment. Last night’s Mars Curiosity landing was a deployment that every software team or product developer should be in awe of. That highly complex, if not seemingly crazy Mars Curiosity […]

Signs your work is incomplete

photo credit: telmo32 From time to time, you get signs that your work here isn’t complete. I recently I had one of those days. Six of us, including a three year old and a one year old on the downhill side of a cold, were set to fly what usually is a two segment, three […]

One guy and 12 minutes to a lifelong customer @SouthwestAir

photo credit: kevindooley Not long ago, a little boy was murdered. Soon after, his grandpa was traveling to see his little 3 year old grandson one last time. He was running for the plane, desperately late despite getting to the airport several hours before departure. After two hours of standing in line, pleading with TSA […]

Groping for opportunity – a gift from the #TSA

photo credit: Nicholas_T Much noise has been made of the mess that has become airport security. The recent introduction of TSA’s high resolution body scanners and the “pat downs” (formerly known as “getting to second base”) have stirred up a hornet’s nest of grass roots discontent. As you might expect, there has been much hand-wringing […]

Brookstone: Thinking like road warrior

Someone at Brookstone is paying attention. Maybe it’s Brookstone policy. Maybe it’s the person that just happens to be running the Brookstone counter where Jason walked in. No matter what, there’s a huge lesson in this brief comment from Jason Falls. Brookstone rocks. Bought an iPad/iPhone backup battery unit. They said, “Would you like one […]

Quaint is no substitute for quality

Recently, I’ve spent some time on Amtrak. It’s easy to compare the differences between train and air travel. Speed and cost are the really obvious ones and they remind me of the old consultant’s saw: “Quality, Speed or Price, choose any two.” Meaning, of course, that you can choose 2 of those, but the 3rd […]

Be employable

Yes, that’s a baby with a bong. I’ll get to that shortly. I spend 99.9% of my time here writing things aimed at employers/business owners, but today this one is for the employees and those who would like to be employed. Lately, I’ve noticed a few things that make it not all that surprising that […]