Leverage your strengths

Today’s guest post is from Freight Dawg (gotta like that name), who writes about Southwest Airlines’ free baggage policy. An additional thought to take away from this: Leverage your strengths. Home run hitters don’t work on their pitching. They work on their hitting.

Focus on their burden, not yours

photo credit: Scott Ableman A couple of weeks back, there was a bit of a fuss about United Airlines kicking people off an overweight plane based on the fare they paid. As the discussion (and the comments) run their course in this story, there were a number of suggestions on how to choose which passengers […]

A bus of a different color

photo credit: laffy4k When I say “bus travel”, I’m guessing that many / some / most of you think of things on this list (and maybe some others): Greyhound (et al) Tour buses full of senior citizens A noisy school bus full of kids people of lesser means panhandlers bus terminals when will it arrive? […]

Hold that plane

photo credit: Unhindered by Talent Something amazing happened to me during my trip to Vegas late last month: An airline exceeded my expectations. “Exceeded” is a bit of a misnomer because my expectations are so low with airlines in general, but the fact is that they treated me like I would expect to be treated. […]

Are you using your white hair too?

photo credit: Alex E. Proimos In the days before 9/11, our local airport (Glacier International aka FCA) had a mix of mostly Boeing 737/727, prop and regional jet traffic. Since 9/11, most of our traffic other than flights to Minneapolis are regional jets or props. When I fly Delta to Salt Lake, for example, I’m […]

A not so little reason why American Airlines loses millions

photo credit: typicalgenius While it would be easy to squeeze them off one by one, I won’t go into all the obvious reasons. This one is a bit more subtle but just as deadly to a company. The really poisonous thing is that attitudes like this come from the top down and they are CYA’d […]

Something special in the air

I have to say that I never expected a country-western song to be a guest post, but it is what it is. For the rest of the story about how United Airlines baggage handlers trashed Dave Carroll’s guitar and more importantly, their customer service and management mistakes afterwards, drop over to FastCompany.com. 4.5 million views […]

Selling the unsellable

photo credit: striatic Adelaide, a Charlotte ticket agent with Delta Airlines, had undoubtedly heard similar passenger comments hundreds if not thousands of times. “$15 a bag and $40 for two? What’s with that?” She handled it well, including laughing at the ( joking) speculation by other passengers that all the luggage fees go to her […]

Airlines: What’s more valuable than a customer?

photo credit: law_keven One of the things that is most frustrating and wonderful these days are… airlines. Why frustrating and wonderful? They teach us far more than how NOT to treat people. They teach us how not to make a fair number of business decisions. They teach us how not to empower our staff. They […]

Ignore customers at your peril

photo credit: WTL photos On a recent 737-based flight, I got to tinker with Delta Airlines’ updated seat back video system, which includes TV, movies, games, flight information and music. I was impressed when the first prompt that came up was for a language. Impressed because it showed that they were thinking about all of […]