How to Win The Three Inch Tourism War of Words

When I’m on the road, I always take a look at tourism brochure racks. Take a look at this rack in the Havre Montana Amtrak station. It’s a typical floor-standing tourism brochure rack that you might see around your town or at the local chamber of commerce office. I took the photo at this height […]

The Difference

photo credit: A. Strakey Ever considered “The Difference” businesses sometimes create between different types of customers in the same market? It’s the difference between “them” and “the other them”. Let me back up a bit and set a little context. On numerous occasions, I’ve urged you to add premium services to your product and services […]

Groping for opportunity – a gift from the #TSA

photo credit: Nicholas_T Much noise has been made of the mess that has become airport security. The recent introduction of TSA’s high resolution body scanners and the “pat downs” (formerly known as “getting to second base”) have stirred up a hornet’s nest of grass roots discontent. As you might expect, there has been much hand-wringing […]

If I owned Amtrak

photo credit: Krikit â?¥ Some random thoughts that passed through my head during my recent Amtrak trip – which went fairly well. I don’t warrant that they’ll all be winners, popular or successful. Just some brainstorming. Showers. $5. Real bathrooms, even if it means there are fewer of them. Despite being better than airliner bathrooms, […]

Quaint is no substitute for quality

Recently, I’ve spent some time on Amtrak. It’s easy to compare the differences between train and air travel. Speed and cost are the really obvious ones and they remind me of the old consultant’s saw: “Quality, Speed or Price, choose any two.” Meaning, of course, that you can choose 2 of those, but the 3rd […]