If Godzilla taught user interface lessons…

A few weeks ago, I helped my mom buy an iPad. You would think that my mom, who is in her 70s, would be the one learning the most from this exercise, but you’d be wrong. Going through this with her simply reminded me (again) to discard all assumptions when building a user interface, when […]

Showrooming and the sales prevention department

photo credit: mattbuchanan Last time, we discussed the often forgotten reason for showrooming that happens after price shopping: convenience and time/fuel savings. Remember Kübler-Ross’ five stages of grief? If you’ve forgotten, they are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. When applied to showrooming, it isn’t much different. Acceptance and the clarity that accompanies it are where […]

Is your work important? Meaningful?

Like a lot of people, I was drawn to this TED talk by the death of Roger Ebert. As you watch it, imagine how it must’ve felt to see that as a member of the speech synthesis team at Apple. Hearing Roger appreciate what they have done and describe how meaningful their work is to him, […]

For those about to sell, we salute you!

photo credit: aldenjewell You may not like to sell, particularly if you are a technical person. It’s even more likely if you’re a technical person who has built a job rather than a business – meaning you might be chief cook and bottle washer as well. It may be an overused stereotype that technical people […]

Meeker 2012 – What should small software businesses do?

Credit: KPCB Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends presentation is always an attention getter. For some, a wake-up-call, for others… a reminder. No matter what it is for you, there’s some valuable trend info there worth looking at in the context of your software business. “Rapid mobile adoption still in early stages.” Think about that for […]

Who will put you out of business? It should be you.

photo credit: ulisse albiati One of the questions I’ve learned to ask clients is “What’s next?” As in, what are you thinking about for next year? (Much less the year after that) It isn’t that what you’re doing today or what you’re launching next month is irrelevant, but it is important that you are already […]

Sometimes, normal is the last thing you need

photo credit: K_Dafalias When things are going really well, we think we’re really something. We describe it as being in a groove, smooth and steady, in a rhythm or “working like a well-oiled machine”. In electrical engineering, steady state describes the “normalcy” of a current or signal after it settles down shortly after being powered up. Sometimes, […]

How to make it easy for customers to fall in love

photo credit: MahPadilha Back in March, I wrote about a lamp shopping experience I had in a local store. Today, this story in VentureBeat (reminds me of TigerBeat…) and Forbes caught my eye. It’s about the preferred angle of the MacBook screen on store displays in the Apple Store. The lamp and the MacBook stories… […]