Little things you don’t have to do

I had to stop in at Wells Fargo over lunch. Among other things, I cashed a check. They require that you give them your driver’s license or other photo ID so that they have some vague idea that you are who you are. When I got my receipt, license etc back, instead of the normal […]

Matt wasn’t writing about starting a bank.

photo credit: tm-tm Earlier this week, Matt Mullenweg (whose software runs this blog) wrote a post about starting a bank. BUT…it really wasn’t about starting a bank. Not if you look under the covers just a bit. It was really about how to look at your market and stand out because you don’t do all […]

FACTA: Red Flags and Milk Bones

photo credit: il Quoquo Despite the fact that Blondie (our golden retriever/ husky mix) gets credit card applications in the mail, identity theft is really not something that keeps her awake. For that matter, little does. When we go to Wells Fargo together, they never ask for her ID. Maybe the sad Golden Retriever eyes […]

Boat anchors are bad business. Sharing is good business.

[audio:] photo credit: Robb North Over the last month or so, I’ve been playing phone tag with someone at the local bank’s office. I use this national bank primarily because they offer some electronic banking services that local banks don’t bother to offer (such as a real-time, seamless interface with QuickBooks), despite my repeated “encouragement” […]

Anoop voted off American Idol. Economy recovers. News at 11.

photo credit: boyghost Yesterday, the International Monetary Fund (IMF, a conglomeration of old money guys from 185 countries) indicated that they don’t see the global economy recovering until 2010. Meanwhile, Anoop was voted off of American Idol. Wow, I had a hard time getting to sleep after hearing about that:) The Economy doesn’t have to […]

Pity the fool who doesn’t communicate

Over the last week or so, I’ve hunkered down in the perfect storm of communications. Bresnan I get a card in the mail asking me if the recent visit by a Bresnan Cable tech took care of the problem and if I was happy with the service. It’s the same guy who always comes to […]

How to tell your clients you don’t want their business

Here’s a good example of how financial institutions send that message. Now, I wouldn’t expect any of you to do something this obvious to run off *good customers*, but I thought I’d plant the seed just in case.

“Nothing can be done about it.” Phooey.

One of the readers of my newspaper column owns a bar/restaurant. Recently she told me that one of her bartenders accidentally rang in a $6 charge twice on a debit charge card. They found the mistake the next day and corrected it by reimbursing the $6 to the customer. The customer called back and said […]