Are you publishing stale content?

A question hit me a few years ago after the Flathead Beacon​ brought home yet another armload of Montana journalism awards. The question was “Is the column I publish there of (at least) equivalent quality?” In other words, I’m on the pages of this modern, very successful digital (and weekly print) newspaper with multi-award winning […]

What your customers don’t know

One of the more dangerous things that can get stuck a writer’s head is the feeling (assumption) that everyone knows or has already read about what you’d like to write about. This usually happens because the writer is so familiar with the material, concept or admonition that they simply assume that everyone knows about it, […]

Has your client list heard from you lately?

As we head into retail’s peak shopping season, the big question is “Will my clientele buy…again?” Have you had any contact with them since last November or December? The people spending money are in your client list, right? Client list? If they aren’t on your client list (or you don’t have one), how would you tell them […]

Prevent lost customers with these five words

Small businesses are always interested in getting more new customers, but sometimes forget that keeping existing customers is less expensive than the cost of replacing them. While products, services and customer support are critical to the health of your business, it’s critical to maintain a strong connection with your customers through properly timed communications. Tending […]

What sharp people MUST do before July 1st

photo credit: emdot On July 1st, how will you read your favorite blogs? If your answer is “Google Reader”, you’re running out of time – Google Reader goes away on July 1st. If you depend on Google Reader to read Business is Personal, much less other blogs, it’s time to make a choice about how […]

5 things your customers need to ask before buying what you sell

photo credit: KayOne73 While the questions are different for the bakery, appliance store, law firm and butcher shop – much less a software company or SEO firm, the need is the same. These 5 questions can make your business different in the eyes of your customers – and they’re what you’d call attention to if […]

Every customer listens differently. Can they hear you?

In the TED talk “The danger of a single story“, Chimamanda Adichie shares some powerful lessons about stories, their environments and how they form our assumptions. It’s notable that she sees this from two sides: both, assumptions she and her family made and those made about her and her country/continent. Once you’ve watched this, and […]

Telling your story

[blackbirdpie url=”!/johnhaydon/statuses/175333443444539392″] Telling your story doesn’t always mean “Sell, sell, sell!” Sometimes it might mean an anecdote, a heads-up or a sliver of “Did you know?” It might mean that once a week or month, you remind your customers of that little thing they need to do – that might not cost a dime – […]

The ROI of Social Media is…

Two minutes and change that hit some of “the what and the why” discussed during my Social Media – A Roadmap for Small Businesses talk this week. The ROI of social media is that your business is still here in five years.

Do at least one thing today

photo credit: notsogoodphotography If you subscribe to my email newsletter, you know that I close most of the emails with “Do at least one thing today to get, or keep, a client.” It’s as simple as it sounds…but do you do it? Even if you can only spare 15 minutes, spend it every day doing […]