Competitors: How to easily keep an eye on them. Free.

When I was in the software business, I didn’t watch our competitors too much. For one thing, I really didn’t consider them competitors. Sure, we lost a sale to them once in a while, but more often than not, it was due to (I kid you not) lies and deception, or a misplaced idea about […]

WordPress MU is a great tool. Sadly AdSense link bait spammers agree.

I absolutely love WordPress. It’s a great piece of software – the software that runs this blog. The code is clean, easy to modify to make it do anything you want, and the wealth of themes and plugins that the WP community has produced is amazing. But it has a dark, ugly, shoulda-never-been-released-for-free side: WordPress […]

Did you pass math? WordPress now requires that you prove it:)

I’ve added a small hurdle to the site for those who want to comment. Just above the comment box, you’ll notice a box asking for the sum of 2 numbers. Type that number in and go about your commenting. It’s one more layer of hassle for the comment spammers – mostly to eliminate the automated […]

I’m a SOB

Those who have known me for any length of time already know that I’ve been a SOB for quite some time. But this is a different kettle of SOBs. Liz Strauss over at included Business is Personal (uh, that’s this blog, folks) on her SOB list. As she puts it: They take the conversation […]