Competitors: How to easily keep an eye on them. Free.

When I was in the software business, I didn’t watch our competitors too much. For one thing, I really didn’t consider them competitors. Sure, we lost a sale to them once in a while, but more often than not, it was due to (I kid you not) lies and deception, or a misplaced idea about […]

Bob Dylan recommends my blog?

Examples of great viral marketing are more evident today than ever – and they are a great way to get a huge crowd to suddenly find out about you and your product or service. Sometimes they are accidental, sometimes they are the result of some brilliant thought and planning. Last weekend, I found a video […]

Did you pass math? WordPress now requires that you prove it:)

I’ve added a small hurdle to the site for those who want to comment. Just above the comment box, you’ll notice a box asking for the sum of 2 numbers. Type that number in and go about your commenting. It’s one more layer of hassle for the comment spammers – mostly to eliminate the automated […]

I’m a SOB

Those who have known me for any length of time already know that I’ve been a SOB for quite some time. But this is a different kettle of SOBs. Liz Strauss over at included Business is Personal (uh, that’s this blog, folks) on her SOB list. As she puts it: They take the conversation […]