The Retail Doctor’s newest book helps you diagnose, treat, cure

photo credit: a.drian Bob Phibbs’ staff recently sent me a review copy of The Retail Doctor’s Guide to Growing Your Business, his newest book for the retailer looking to improve their business’ performance. Or to go from wondering about survival to reaching a state of “thrival”. The Guide’s subtitle, “A step-by-step approach to quickly diagnose, treat, […]

Free, Seth, Malcolm and Reinvention

photo credit: wilhei55 If you haven’t gotten a free copy of Chris Anderson’s Free by now, you didn’t try hard enough. The free ebook versions were pulled off the net recently, but a little Googling will still reward you if you look at the publisher’s site. Likewise, the free audiobook version of Free is still […]

Someone keyed my Karma

photo credit: jonmatthew photography Month before last during a coaching session, I had a pretty frank conversation with a client about freedom. Not the Constitutional kind of freedom, but freedom from the ball and chain that a business can become. I don’t mean that in a bad way, just that it can become a restriction […]

The Cure for “The Culture of Cant”

[audio:] It’s not unusual for small business owners to be involved in community organizations, so in that spirit I have something a little different from our every day discussion here – yet still completely applicable to your business – no matter what that business does. Rather than Friday’s normal Hotseat Radio show, today I had […]

10 books list – actually includes a link now:)

Good thing I got off the 50+ mile canoe trip today. Turns out this morning’s guest post was missing the link to Yanik’s book list. The original post has been updated, or you can go here now.

10 books for successful entrepreneurs, as recommended by Yanik Silver

Today’s guest post comes from self-proclaimed fun guy and entrepreneur Yanik Silver. Yanik lists his top 10 recommended books (OK, it’s really 12) for reading by entrepreneurs and business owners, and all of them except for 11 and 12 are definitely good stuff for all parts of the business owner’s mind (much less mindset). I […]

Hiring staff to help with marketing? Start them off with these business books.

Over the weekend, one of my readers emailed and asked this very smart question: We are hiring someone “green” to do marketing for us in about a month. I thought that starting someone from the ground up would be a good way to build someone’s skills for our business and not have to pay a […]