How to make it easy for customers to fall in love

photo credit: MahPadilha Back in March, I wrote about a lamp shopping experience I had in a local store. Today, this story in VentureBeat (reminds me of TigerBeat…) and Forbes caught my eye. It’s about the preferred angle of the MacBook screen on store displays in the Apple Store. The lamp and the MacBook stories… […]

Rid-X figured out subscriptions. When will you?

Finally. A mainstream, old school consumer product company figured out how to make it easy for customers to use their product at the recommended interval and do so with as little labor/friction as possible. Rather than rolling their own, they used Amazon’s infrastructure to deal with payments, shipping and subscription management. From “Amazon Subscribe […]

What’s the first thing you do when deciding which lamp to buy?

What’s wrong with this picture? What’s the first thing you do when deciding which lamp to buy? YOU TURN THEM ON. None of the lamps are on in the photo above – because none of them have power. A quick glance at the shelf left the impression that no power was available at that location, […]

Being Noble

photo credit: kevin dooley As you probably know, Borders is now gone. For those like me who live in rural areas, Borders took a chance on our community and many appreciated it. Earlier this week, Barnes and Noble bought some of their assets. I assumed that Barnes and Noble would do something like this, and […]

Is the lack of Wal-Mart actually a tax?

photo credit: Lordcolus A lot of thoughts come to mind both ways about Wal-Mart‘s effect on local businesses and consumers. No shortage of them are provoked by this Forbes op/ed saying that the lack of access to Wal-Mart in NYC is actually a tax, and continues by stating that building a WalMart in NYC is economic […]

Remember The Simple Things

photo credit: x-ray delta one Jeffrey Gitomer* sums up a lot of understanding of people, sales, psychology and more when he says “People don’t like to be sold but they love to buy.” Do you make it easy for them to buy? Really? Let’s talk about it. Beyond impulse Are the things you sell displayed […]

Losing Supermarkets

photo credit: HÃ¥kan Dahlström Two years ago, the San Francisco Chronicle wrote about the closure of San Francisco’s neighborhood supermarkets, a trend that continues today. The stores weren’t closing because of a lack of profits. They’re closing because developers were offering a ton of cash for the big, wide-open spaces they held (parking lots, box […]

Bad Haircuts and Big Box Ethics

Today’s guest post from Scott McKain shows us a how Office Depot stole copyrighted material from a friend of his and used it in a national ad campaign. One more reason to do your own marketing and shop locally owned businesses. All that aside, take a good long look at the pricing lesson in Mr. […]

Why you should sell air

As I noted yesterday, my current survey here at Business is Personal asks “What’s your biggest marketing challenge?” Yesterday, we discussed why 25% of respondents have said “Making time to do the marketing” and how they should go about fixing that. Today, the next largest group (a very close second) is those who said “Differentiating […]