The ones you can’t trust

Recently, we have seen a number of high profile ethical issues pop up in global companies, U.S. companies and if you look around a little – you will probably find one in the news in your city. Most recently, this would include the Volkswagen EPA mileage situation. Stop it. No, I don’t mean stop doing […]

Leaders honor their words

Recently, someone in a position of trust and honor was found to have published someone else’s work without attribution. The situation was made worse by their affiliation with an organization whose reputation for trust and honor is sacrosanct. Plagiarism and/or unattributed quotes happen. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. Sometimes there are extenuating circumstances, sometimes not. Sometimes, […]

Business rules of the road

While they vary from person to person, our values are the central driving force in our everyday lives. These values form the context of daily decision making that drives our behavior. Quite often, these set-in-stone rules are accompanied by a set of guidelines that we adhere to, but occasionally allow ourselves to bend now and then. […]

The most expensive refund

photo credit: Julia Manzerova During my recent trip to Tulsa, I stopped into a chain drug store (similar to Walgreens) next door to the hotel. When I got to the register, a mom with two young kids was trying to exchange an item she had purchased for a very similar item that had the same […]

Butcher shops concerned about locally grown meat sales limits

photo credit: foxypar4 The legislature is considering placing additional limits on the production or sale of locally grown meat, including the meat of wild animals. Backing this legislation is the Corporate Grocers Association, which serves the interests of corporate grocery chains across America. The proposed law also places strict annual limits on hunting and fishing […]

The single most painful lesson software companies learn

photo credit: Tim & Selena Middleton The most painful conversations I have with small software business owners are about marketing. One of the more common ones relate how another company “stole” their business with “more aggressive” marketing. The victim of this “theft” blames it on someone else’s marketing despite watching it happen right in front […]

An incredibly dangerous leap

Thanks Red Bull People rarely complain about a sales loss when the winning competitor has a higher quality product or service. Yet it seems natural for some businesses to belittle a competitor and the quality of their products/services when they were marketed well – sometimes taking it to the level of accusing them of being […]

Stains That Don’t Wash Out

photo credit: kaibara87 Yesterday, for perhaps the first time in his life, former Superman Lance Armstrong stopped fighting. As a guy, it’s impossible not to admire Armstrong. Fighting testicular cancer is typical behavior. When we get that sort of bad news, almost all of us suddenly find ways to do things we never had the […]

The two most valuable parts of a conversation

photo credit: pedrosimoes7 Every single day, I see problems that would be solved with better (or any) understanding, speed and an order of magnitude improvement in quality if people would just pick up the phone. I know, especially the more technical folks out there, you want that cocoon. You want to hide and just create. […]