The New Math aka Economics 101

photo credit: Keng Susumpow A friend told me recently that his family filed a homeowner’s insurance claim for slightly under $600. After filing no claims in over 20 years of keeping their insurance with this company, this was the 3rd claim in 5 years. During that 5 years, their annual insurance rate went from $1300 […]

An ethical lapse, or just not knowing any better?

photo credit: KhayaL Last night I was working on the web site for our local Scout camp. Lots of Scout troops from out of state visit Glacier National Park every year. Some of them use our local Scout camp property as a “base camp” for a week or two of treks they make into the […]

Santa’s naughty or nice business list for 2010

photo credit: aussiegall Yahoo Finance put together a good list of naughty and nice business policies for this year’s Christmas season. Check out today’s guest post. Spend wisely… and make sure your business is on the nice list.

Don’t waste a single interaction

photo credit: Marco Raaphorst Unreal. Last week I had to get on the phone to cancel an online service. Not because I wanted to use the phone to cancel, but because it’s a requirement. You see, you can sign up for this service online, but you can’t cancel it there. And you certainly won’t be […]

Does it make you squirm?

photo credit: ToastyKen The oft-referenced-here Cialdini work “Influence” speaks in volume via today’s guest post from Rob’s IM Reports. While the guest post’s video is intended to be funny, it does a nice job of illustrating a situation most of us have faced at one time or another. You might also have created some of […]

Avoid the temptation

photo credit: Vincent Luigi Molino A couple of days ago, I was pretty forward with you guys about your responsibilities as both employees and employers. It’s easy to assume that one will regularly take advantage of the other – even in the current tight job market. It doesn’t make any sense, but it’s been going […]

Domino’s Transparent Pizza

Recently, Domino’s started a campaign that threw open the world of food photography and showed why the food you get at the restaurant rarely (never?) seems to resemble the amazing looking food you see on TV. At, they asked for their customers’ pizza photos. In short order, they’d received 13,000 photos. At least one […]

Situational Ethics: Don’t go there

photo credit: quinn.anya The probably not-so-old joke goes something like this: “There are two kinds of people: those who break people into two groups and those who don’t.” When it comes to business ethics, there’s usually a pretty clear definition of the line between these two groups: the unethical and the accidentally unethical. The accidentally […]

Real business owners aren’t scared

photo credit: Teeejayy While live-blogging the US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Summit, Brad Peck (US Chamber of Commerce official Twitter blogger) said this during Joe Scarborough‘s talk: Somewhat annoyed by the “scared” comment, I responded with this: I don’t know a single business owner that’s scared. Annoyed? Sure. Aggravated? Sure. But scared? Not. A. […]

Complaints & Complainers are Strategic Assets

photo credit: quinn.anya Recently, a friend of mine got this email from an electronic components vendor he uses. I’ll let you read it before we dive into comments about it. The Call for Complainers You have to love sales reps. Everything is always “yes.” Every problem is amazingly solved by whatever they are selling. When […]