Without customers, there ain’t no business, Joe.

Since January 2005, I’ve been spent a lot of time explaining how Business is Personal. When I started this journey way back then, I named the blog “Pancake Bunny“. I called it that as a result of a customer service interaction where a company’s CEO told a customer that their message made no sense and […]

Old gray haired white guys

photo credit: Sukanto Debnath A couple days ago, the Lakers appeared a little vulnerable against the Magic after a game 3 loss. It appeared that the Magic focused a little more and worked a little harder on fundamentals than the Lakers did, as a result, their shooting improved and nothing the Lakers and Kobe could […]

My golf clubs are wrapped around a tree

photo credit: kevindooley I have this vendor who makes me a little bit nuts. When communicating with them, I feel like I’m trying to get my golf clubs from an ex-wife who hates me. You know how it goes… If I ask her the wrong way, she’ll wrap them around a tree in the front […]