After The Honeymoon

photo credit: James Jordan Recently, I stopped into a niche retail business for the very first time. They’ve done a nice job with it. Haven’t been open long, so some of the obvious things I’d suggest to make the place a real customer magnet weren’t in place yet. I have a feeling they might get […]

Facebook you…because?

photo credit: [carlo cravero] As I drive around the area, I see lots of businesses who are trying to reap the potential rewards of local marketing on Facebook. One sign: they have “Facebook us” or “Find us on Facebook” or similar on their roadside signs. The idea is for you to click the “Like” button […]

Grow for your customers

photo credit: andrewasmith Recently, we were talking about making it easy to buy a TV, but this stuff isn’t just about TVs. Merchandising is both an art and a science. Big business invests millions studying it and testing what works and what doesn’t. You should pay attention to it as well to the extent that […]

Remember The Simple Things

photo credit: x-ray delta one Jeffrey Gitomer* sums up a lot of understanding of people, sales, psychology and more when he says “People don’t like to be sold but they love to buy.” Do you make it easy for them to buy? Really? Let’s talk about it. Beyond impulse Are the things you sell displayed […]

Work *this* hard

photo credit: Nate Robert In her continuing quest for transparency (among other things), Hildy asked for examples of emails that had produced tangible fundraising results. She didn’t get much. In fact, I don’t think she got any with proven results. This all started a few weeks ago when she asked about doing a traditional year […]

Santa’s naughty or nice business list for 2010

photo credit: aussiegall Yahoo Finance put together a good list of naughty and nice business policies for this year’s Christmas season. Check out today’s guest post. Spend wisely… and make sure your business is on the nice list.

Groping for opportunity – a gift from the #TSA

photo credit: Nicholas_T Much noise has been made of the mess that has become airport security. The recent introduction of TSA’s high resolution body scanners and the “pat downs” (formerly known as “getting to second base”) have stirred up a hornet’s nest of grass roots discontent. As you might expect, there has been much hand-wringing […]

Meating expectations

photo credit: Northampton Museum When I first came across this meat vending machine, the comment I read introducing it was something along the lines of “Do we *really* need this?” If this butcher has customers who do shift work – or anything that keeps them from visiting the shop during business hours- it’s worth a […]

Automation *can be* personal

photo credit: JOE MARINARO Like I suspect you do, I get a number of automated emails asking how someone’s service was, or reminding me to deal with this or that before a deadline. Most of these are innocuous emails that were done with an honest effort to help, but because the process was left unfinished, […]

Losing Supermarkets

photo credit: HÃ¥kan Dahlström Two years ago, the San Francisco Chronicle wrote about the closure of San Francisco’s neighborhood supermarkets, a trend that continues today. The stores weren’t closing because of a lack of profits. They’re closing because developers were offering a ton of cash for the big, wide-open spaces they held (parking lots, box […]