*The* most important thing about your letter

photo credit: jilly~bean Yesterday, we started a discussion about the promotion of an event here in town. Today, we’re going to talk about one of the mail pieces that went out to promote the Brunch. Don’t worry, this series isn’t all about direct mail. We’ll also be talking about video, email, postcards, newspaper, press releases, […]

What’s easier? Selling Santa or a SUV?

photo credit: dickuhne Yeah, I know. It’s been a quiet week so far. On and off for the last 9 months, and intensely over the last 2, I’ve been quietly working on the marketing and other aspects of a new community event and related program here in Columbia Falls. The event is called Brunch with […]

TED: Music, technology, expression, engineering & Cerebral Palsy

Today’s guest post is a video from TED2008 and shows – among other things – why university students pursue what might typically appear to be “useless” work in their graduate studies. photo credit: kk+ The video starts to hit home at 12 minutes, so don’t get impatient and click away. If nothing else, fast forward […]

Direct mail marketing lesson: “Breakfast with Santa”

One of the many things my Cajun friend does (aside from an occasional interest in LSU football) is help out a cerebral palsy clinic in Opelousas Louisiana with a special event they do every December. It’s called “Breakfast with Santa“. He describes it like this: We have a local cerebral palsy clinic where kids … […]