Start a streak

photo credit: kevin dooley What have you done every day, every week or every month for years? For example, I’ve written a weekly column for the Flathead Beacon since 2006. I don’t get a week off from the column if it’s Christmas or the Fourth of July. It just gets done. Some find that a […]

The most expensive, most stressful thing on your desk

Nothing destroys a work day like distractions. Ever realize that it’s “suddenly” dinner time and all you remember doing since lunch is reading Facebook? That’ll show up nicely on a deposit slip. Hello, stress. Distractions are a product of your work environment, your work habits and how those two things are communicated to others. Your […]

When is $5000 like $100000?

photo credit: One of the first questions I ask business owners when we start working on their company is “What will it take to transform your business?” I’m asking for several reasons – each of which are critical to knowing where you are with your business. I want to find out what is top […]

Famous Last Words: “We can’t afford to market our business.”

photo credit: mickyc82 This past weekend, I took one of my favorite drives of the year – that first drive after removing studded snow tires. I enjoy the feel of a performance tire in a tight turn and that’s something studded tires just don’t offer. As I waited for my tires to be swapped and […]

Take advantage. Leave your small town.

photo credit: woodleywonderworks Does your community talk about the flight of youth? The shrinkage and simultaneous aging of communities is a critical issue for rural places. Young people graduate and move away for good jobs or for college and they may not come back for a decade or more, if at all. Recently, a high-achieving, […]

Out of Stock

photo credit: Zigar When your store is out of stock on an item…what does your staff do and say? When I was out of state not long ago, I looked around for a pair of light hikers for everyday wear. I knew exactly what I wanted right down to the model name. I visited a […]

What did you get?

photo credit: woodleywonderworks It’s critical to get regular feedback from your clientele about what you do – to that end, I have a favor to ask…What do YOU think? What value does BiP bring to you and your business? What brings you back to it? What’s improved as a result of actions prompted (in any […]

A generic conversation about being specific

photo credit: kelp1966 One of the things you have to be careful about is making your business too generic. The conversation… Them: Could I get you to comment on a booth graphic for my company?  We are pretty simple here and need a banner for a trade show booth. Wondering if the fonts are ‘old’. […]

Empowerment and the Silent Cell Phone

1926 Ford Model T photo: digitizedchaos Henry Ford, despite his success with the assembly line at Ford Motor Company, made a mistake that many business owners still make today. He didn’t delegate. Most business owners delegate at least a little. Not Ford. According to Peter Drucker, the senior Ford didn’t believe in delegation or floor […]

Being Prepared

photo credit: joiseyshowaa One of the things Scoutmasters teach their Scouts is the Scout motto – “Be Prepared.” We don’t stand around saying those words all that much (or ever, really). When I ask a Scout what it means to them, I get a lot of different answers. I talk about it with the boys […]