What’s Your Fish?

photo credit: hapal Unless you’ve been living under a fish, you’ve heard the saying “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.” While it also might remind you of a childish South Park episode (and maybe that’s a little […]

Are you a natural?

photo credit: hilectric Today’s guest post is from ChrisG.com and is about a question from @starbucker… What is so natural to you that it is like breathing? What aspect of yourself, which behavior, skill, activity, talent, is so part of you that you could not imagine yourself without it? Thatâ??s the key, itâ??s not just […]

The one thing that can transform your business?

photo credit: h.koppdelaney Over the weekend, I asked the folks on Twitter “What are you doing some of the time that would transform your business if you did it all of the time?” A few of the responses… From@MilesTorres: Great question Mark. It would be more one on one conversations. SO effective and “social”. I […]

Small business invades the Ukraine

Despite the fact that you can obtain the same thing anywhere in the world, a client of mine does a fine job of selling their high-end, custom version of this product in many countries. We were talking yesterday during a telephone coaching session about return policies for online sales. One thing led to another, and […]

Fundamental excuses for Memphis and your business

photo credit: *sean Runner up Memphis Tigers lost last night’s NCAA men’s basketball championship game to Kansas, 75-68 in overtime. Because of a single free throw. All season long, Memphis head coach John Calipari has been making excuses about his team’s poor free throw shooting. All season long, Calipari appeared to discount, if not blow […]

Does practice pay off for a small business owner?

Yesterday, I was speaking with a music teacher about how she teaches high school kids to play faster pieces of music than they are used to playing. It’s really a simple technique and it revolves around fundamentals. They start playing the fast piece very slowly, a measure at a time, breaking it down note by […]

If Tiger Woods takes advice on golf…

Some have told me that I “seem to enjoy giving out advice”. Yeah, I think that might be the case:) But…What you don’t see is that I spend a lot of time and money taking it as well, from people, books and other sources. Even Tiger Woods takes advice. Do you? In 2006, Tiger Woods […]