Accountability and tapdancing

You may have seen a recent video of a Senate Finance Committee hearing with the Chairman of the Board of a large bank. He was being questioned about his accountability for his company’s behavior regarding opening new accounts on behalf of their clients. Form your own opinion about the hearing. We’re here to discuss why […]

Selling to everyone

Selling isn’t about the shine; it’s about what happens when the shine has worn off. Will your (or your clients’)┬ámanagement will think positively of you a year from now because of an investment you championed? They’d better. Sales calls: How they react What’s your reaction when a salesperson calls? Are there any salespeople who stand […]

WalMart: “We don’t care”

photo credit: wachovia_138 Listening to WalMart’s VP of Information Technology and their lead e-commerce exec talk on Fortune Brainstorm Tech this morning, they said “We don’t care whether or not you buy in the store, online, via mobile, etc.” Where they went one step further: They gave local store managers credit for ALL sales that […]

The most expensive refund

photo credit: Julia Manzerova During my recent trip to Tulsa, I stopped into a chain drug store (similar to Walgreens) next door to the hotel. When I got to the register, a mom with two young kids was trying to exchange an item she had purchased for a very similar item that had the same […]

When did you decide to be typical? #sponsored

photo credit: Venex_jpb Note: I am blogging on behalf of Visa Business and received compensation for my time from Visa for sharing my views in this post, but the views expressed here are solely mine, not Visa’s. See full disclosure at the bottom of this post. Donald Trump has repeatedly been quoted as saying “It’s […]

Do you manage perception or reality?

This “Sorry” image is what you see on YouTube when you’re prevented from viewing a video because the uploader decided not to make their content available in your country. In this case, the video was a seven minute news clip from 1970. NINETEEN SEVENTY. I understand how allowing a viewer in another country to see […]

Butcher shops concerned about locally grown meat sales limits

photo credit: foxypar4 The legislature is considering placing additional limits on the production or sale of locally grown meat, including the meat of wild animals. Backing this legislation is the Corporate Grocers Association, which serves the interests of corporate grocery chains across America. The proposed law also places strict annual limits on hunting and fishing […]

How to break a business coma

photo credit: US Army Africa We talk about a wide array of business topics/suggestions here at Business is Personal. Occasionally, I get emails asking how to get all of these things done in a state of overwhelm. It’s an easy problem to have. You have plenty of ideas and read the things I and others […]