Senate may drop the soap (maker)

About six years ago, there was a big fuss about the CPSIA, a law that was written to sharply reduce lead in clothing, toys and other items made for children under 12. Why lead? Lead poisoning causes developmental and neurological damage in young children, including by breathing dust from peeling lead paint. I made some noise about the law as […]

Where were you when the iPhone and Kindle were being designed?

photo credit: truedudi As we discussed yesterday, anti-competitive businesses sometimes do “unfair” things. Occasionally, they commit illegal acts to gain an edge. Commonly mentioned examples include bribing officials to get contracts or have them look the other way on enforcement or quality issues. Sometimes the unethical things are illegal, such as refusing to sell spare […]

Watch out for those kids

photo credit: mckaysavage They just don’t know any better and they’re the ones Seth is talking about here. They don’t know that you’re supposed to dominate your industry and they are supposed to respect your dominance just because your daddy or great-grandpappy started your business 50 or 100 years ago. They don’t know that they […]

Watering down your message

photo credit: NyYankee While grumbling to myself about the effectiveness of the “Making CPSIA testing economics reasonable for small business” population (my name for a number of “us”, not a name this non-group group has adopted), I continue to be disappointed in the actions being taken by Congress to repair the Act. With that, I […]

The force is strong with this Congress

photo credit: PixelManiatiK For decades, I have avoided getting involved in politics mostly because it has a way of seriously annoying me. As I hope you’ve noticed, I’ve also avoided getting politic-y here at Business is Personal – maybe with the exception of discussions regarding the CPSIA. Despite my best efforts, Congress is working overtime […]

The CPSIA, Glenn Beck, the Chicken and the Egg

photo credit: kevindooley Am I the last so-called journalist in this country? (stupid question, I’m not even one of those<g>) You may or may not know I write a business *opinion* column once a week in the Beacon – and that isn’t even my “real job”. What am I talking about? Yes, the CPSIA again. […]

Warm chocolate chip cookies and the big difference between you and them

[audio:] photo credit: scubadive67 Almost every day, I stumble upon someone looking for a way to differentiate their business from their competitors’. Far too often, they try to compete almost solely on price. Since I’ve beat the dont-compete-solely-on-price drum in the past (eg: all those WalMart posts), so today we’re going to take a different […]

Sorry Buster, but Grandpa’s mess kit is off-limits

photo credit: ginnerobot Yes, today is the day that the CPSIA – the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act – takes effect. Today is the day that manufacturers, resellers and retailers of products for children start to see the reality behind all the discussion going on for the last several months.  Some even call it “National […]

DeMint gives CPSIA instructions to small business owners

Look what happens when you step away from the CPSIA bonfire for a couple of days to get some work done…after all, *someone* has to bail out the country, may as well be me. Senator DeMint from South Carolina is working on some legislative fixes to the CPSIA, but more importantly, in his blog he […]

CPSIA 1 year stay granted: Proof of the might of social media for marketing

The letter to the Commission is here and the press release is here. Good news. Buys some time to get the darned thing right. Thank Kathleen Fasanella for getting it started, but also thank social media I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that the power of social media is what made this happen. […]