Twitter just doesnt make sense for business

Or maybe it does. See what Chris’ argument in today’s guest post, which is chock full of reasons why Twitter just might make sense for your business.

Make your automation personal, not just automatic

photo credit: Zesmerelda After requesting a beta invitation to a web-based service, I received the activation email. *ONE* minute later, I got an email from the CEO asking how I liked the service.  Careful there, Sparky.  While I’d be the first to encourage such emails, you have to think about how – and particularly, when […]

What to know before selling gift cards in your business

As gift giving season ramps up, retailers and others who haven’t sold gift cards in the past start asking questions. I always see a bump in visitors searching for that info during this time of year so I thought I’d include a primer for business owners looking into selling gift cards (though it is a […]

President proof your business: Through the eyes of your clients

No matter who is elected as the next President of the United States, things are going to be different over the next 4 to 8 years. Whether Obama or McCain wins, the wind in the business community is going to shift. Is your business sail going to be set in the right direction to catch […]

How to tell your clients you don’t want their business

Here’s a good example of how financial institutions send that message. Now, I wouldn’t expect any of you to do something this obvious to run off *good customers*, but I thought I’d plant the seed just in case.

How are you preparing for a long business winter?

All around Columbia Falls, people are cleaning up their yards, picking up and storing canoes and such so they won’t get snowed on; and getting firewood cut, split, stacked and covered as winter approaches. All the signals are there. The cool weather is already here, often dropping below freezing at night. Most of the leaves […]

Just when you think you’ve made it and you can finally rest…

You find out that you aren’t even close. I’ve had clients experience it, I’ve lived it myself, and at least one of my vendors is just about to experience it. No matter how good you are, you’d better be getting better. In fact, you’d better be getting better at getting better. If you don’t, someone […]

Teach your clients to be smarter, better educated buyers

We’ve talked about this topic a few times in the past, but today I have an example that you can learn from. First, take a look at the “Consumer Checklist” at Don’t be distracted by the aging look of their site. That page is worth major dollars to you if you get the right […]

Are you getting paid?

One of the comments I’m hearing from business owners these days is that payments are slow in coming.  While the last thing you might want to do is add more to your receivables, it might just be the thing that gets you an edge over your competition and gets more new customers in your door.  […]

Another way to talk to your community

OK, I’m still not over the small number of folks using the news in your marketing like 7-11 does, so here’s another way for you to talk to your community of clients if that type of thing doesn’t feel right. You can create your company’s own custom browser toolbar for your clientele at While […]