President proof your business #2: Drizzle on the absolute best

Even though President-Elect Obama’s staff has started to take shape (and the hand-wringing has begun), you shouldn’t think of “President-Proofing” your business as something specific to him. Sure, some things will be different in an Obama administration than in a McCain one, but the things you have the ability to exert control over are largely insensitive to the personality sitting […]

Are you missing the point of automation?

Last week I received a phone call from SendOutCards, whose service sends personalized postcards and greeting cards â?? with pictures if you like â?? simply by pounding on their website for a moment. First of all, kudos to them. They were just calling to see if I was getting what I needed out of the […]

The High Art of Paying Attention

Most of you probably saw a brief mention here in the blog that I became a grandpa for the first time a mere three weeks ago today. This is one response that shows me someone is mastering the fine art of paying attention. It arrived in my mail on Saturday with a letter, and was […]

Direct Mail Mistakes That Cost You Money

Several of my clients use direct mail for the obvious reasons – it works. Like a chainsaw in the hands of the skilled artisan, the results can be amazing. Or they can be downright awful. Common mistakes people make when using direct mail: Talking about the wrong thing Not knowing your numbers Making assumptions Not […]

Spend more than they do on marketing, but do it properly.

It brings joy to my heart every time I hear a competitor of mine or a competitor of one of my clients complaining about postal rates, or how much they spend on marketing. “Keep on whining”, I think to myself. Every time someone else stops mailing newsletters because postage went up – that’s more room […]

42 cents for a stamp? Run away, run away!

photo credit: Arkangel Apologies to Monty Python with that “run away” thing, but it’s a good example of the talk in some business circles this week. Once again, I hear people talking of abandoning direct mail. You know, because of the 1 cent postage increase. 1 cent. A 2.4% increase. Tell me…for 42 cents, where […]

Does your small business send personal emails?

Back in January, Denny Hatch was discussing some emails he received: some personalized, some not. photo credit: batega Would you rather receive this (his example): Date: 14 Jan 2008 03:58:31- 0800 From: â??Ticketmasterâ? To: xxxxx Subject: Event Reminder: Young Frankenstein Ticketmaster Event Reminder Hello Denison Hatch. Your event is happening soon! Young Frankenstein. When: Friday, […]

Direct mail? Old school, yet dead tree ROI continues to please

Email is “free”, notwithstanding the copywriting, measurement tools, ISP issues with delivery and a few other things. With “free” comes your favorite target – spam email. You can afford to send 100,000 emails without testing – though the smart ones do not. On the other hand, most can’t afford to send 100,000 direct mail pieces […]

How to measure advertising response in any media

Recently, I received a few questions about measuring advertising response so I thought I’d cover that a bit today. The measurement and use of the results you record is one of the most important things to do when advertising – at least once the ad has been created for a particular target market. Question: Why […]

Direct mail marketing lesson: “Breakfast with Santa”

One of the many things my Cajun friend does (aside from an occasional interest in LSU football) is help out a cerebral palsy clinic in Opelousas Louisiana with a special event they do every December. It’s called “Breakfast with Santa“. He describes it like this: We have a local cerebral palsy clinic where kids … […]