Working in Disneyland. Not.

photo credit: Max Braun A few weeks ago, we talked about the importance of strategic delegation and how it might just enable you to enjoy a phone call free vacation, much less free up some hugely important strategic thinking time. When I was in the photography software business, I quickly learned that photographers absolutely detest […]

Grab a Bounty and wipe it up. NOW.

photo credit: doug.siefken Today’s guest post comes from the legendary Tom Peters. Tom’s comments relate well to a post here at Business is Personal about a famous Donald Trump restroom maintenance story – and probably to a Leona Helmsley story or two. Details. Details. Details. Can you find 10 little details today? Imagine how much […]

Even Disney’s doing it – treating customers on their birthday

[audio:] photo credit: Thomas_Jung You know, we’ve talked about this before.  I’m speaking of the marketing value of keeping track of your customers’ birthdays.  I know, I know. People won’t give them to you. If so, it’s because you aren’t asking the right way – or you aren’t making the sale. This is a sale […]