Why small business should care about Meeker’s slides

Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends report came out today, so I thought I’d offer a few comments about it and how its findings are likely to (continue to) affect small businesses, including small software companies. The Slideshare version is rather slow right now,  so I suggest you check out the PDF version of the Meeker […]

Are you going out of business…intentionally?

Last week, I wrote about the most expensive minute of your life. This slideshow should provoke a similar discussion. How does it make you feel about what you’re doing now?

What does your community’s welcome mat say?

photo credit: archerwl A state association of businesses has pushed legislation into our state house that would limit the on-premise retail sales volume of a related group of businesses. Yes, we talked about this recently, but today let’s go beyond this one business, this one time. That situation is just a symptom of a far […]

Take advantage. Leave your small town.

photo credit: woodleywonderworks Does your community talk about the flight of youth? The shrinkage and simultaneous aging of communities is a critical issue for rural places. Young people graduate and move away for good jobs or for college and they may not come back for a decade or more, if at all. Recently, a high-achieving, […]

Butcher shops concerned about locally grown meat sales limits

photo credit: foxypar4 The legislature is considering placing additional limits on the production or sale of locally grown meat, including the meat of wild animals. Backing this legislation is the Corporate Grocers Association, which serves the interests of corporate grocery chains across America. The proposed law also places strict annual limits on hunting and fishing […]

How does your industry organization help you?

photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video This past weekend, I spoke at a national organization’s regional trade show here in the Rocky Mountain West. As you might expect, we talked about personalizing their businesses – in their very narrow market context. What always makes me wonder about these events is why they aren’t standing […]