Is it better to be smart, resilient or hard working?

My vote would be a combination of all three, and there’s a good discussion of this in today’s guest post at OpenEducation. It isn’t just about kids, though I strongly suggest you consider it in that light. It’s also something to look for in employees. It isn’t how many times you get knocked down, it’s […]

Know someone who has no time to learn?

Wouldn’t surprise me if some of you regularly encounter folks who just don’t think they need to keep learning. Ask them to get used to saying “Do you want fries with that?” because their industry will quickly leave them behind. Daniel over at Idea Sellers hits the nail on the head with today’s guest post […]

Hire that punk kid with the snowboard? Are you nuts???

This weekend, I met the manager of my favorite local Italian restaurant. Somehow, I had managed to miss meeting him during my last few visits and was a bit surprised at how young this guy is. He had just returned from Boise, where he had trained the staff and management at their newest location. He […]

Planning for the train wreck before it happens

Step one after the fire is out or the flood waters have receded (or both) – if you haven’t already done so – is implementing your comeback plan. Notice that I said implementing the comeback plan, not making it. When times are hectic and the ceiling is dripping with smoky water, your mind isn’t going […]

Preparing for business disaster: Replacing You.

You may find it uncomfortable to think about this one, and you might even be lazy when it comes to implementing things related to it, but it’s important to do so. What steps have you taken to deal with something happening to you, or a key employee? Insurance companies have “Key man coverage” (and yes, […]

Considering telecommuters for your business?

Today’s guest post talks about changes in the workplace surrounding remote workers. One of the reasons I started Granite Bear back in the 90s was because of a conflict (yeah, that’s glossing it over) over working remotely. This post discusses the changes in thought processes involved in starting a telework program. Unlike many posts, this […]

Why are you STILL wasting time?

No, this is not another time management discussion. I simply want to put your day in the proper context. After all, almost 60% of the year is behind us and I want you to be sure you’re getting closer to making it where you wanted to be by the end of the year. So… if […]

The Intersection of Policy and Customer Service

Joel Spolsky is a household name to most people in the software business. He’s been blogging for years about Microsoft, customer service, the software business and even how to build out an office in New York City. Not long ago, he started blogging for Inc. Magazine. Today, he’s our guest poster and talks about something […]

More on the expanse of mediocrity

As we discussed recently, all you have to do to find mediocre anything is jump on an airplane – with a few rare exceptions – to encounter the worst of everything, including your expectations. In today’s guest post, Chris talks about the culture of mediocrity that many of us have come to expect.

How to make follow up actually happen

Lately, I’ve been nagging you a bit about getting better about following up. And we talked about how you can identify hard dollar revenue to your follow ups. One of the obstacles to following up is knowing when do to so. Do you follow up a week after a purchase? A month? 3 months? That […]