Outback, aka OSI Restaurant Partners, takes their hand back out of servers’ pockets

Last week, I tossed OSI Restaurant Partners on the barbie (sorry, that just had to be said) for their new policy of charging their servers for the merchant fee portion of their tips when tips are paid via credit card. I think I was pretty clear on how bad a decision I felt this was, […]

How do you interview, much less hire, that Gen Y person?

Last week, one of the local mastermind groups was discussing how to hire, motivate and manage GenY employees. It was a pretty interesting conversation, and as it turns out, today’s guest post “Hiring in a multi-generational workforce” by Helene Wasserman addresses a lot of the discussion we had there. In fact, it also speaks directly […]

Marketing with Human Capital

If I hear one more person use the ridiculous term “human capital” in a business environment (much less anywhere else), I think I’m gonna drive the porcelain bus. We’re talking about people, folks. Moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, brother, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and so on. Not even the police call their K-9 dogs “canine […]

Is your staff impatient with newbies?

It’s the time of year when newbies are in the stores. There are no more VCRs to flash 00:00:00, but there are still plenty of things that Joe Consumer might not be up to date on. The natural result, especially among your younger, tech-savvy staff, is to be kinda impatient. It’s part of being young. […]

Video want ads to find an employee?

At left, my wanna-be Jake and Elwood in their Blues Brothers House of Blues shirts, about 7 years ago along the Missouri River in Ft. Benton, MT. Who would hire these guys? 🙂 One of the ways you eventually become an advisor to other business owners is by making (and usually learning from) your own […]

Do you care THIS MUCH about your customers?

Show me. Post a comment and tell me of acts that you’ve experienced (or given someone else) that are even remotely like the one described below. Imagine if you thought about them just a little tiny bit more than you do now. How many pairs of shoes do you think the two small acts described […]

Why Street Cleaning Is The Most Important Job In Your Business

Imagine that your attention to quality is so weak that you could make enough bad product today (or next week) to actually kill your company. Who was monitoring their sanitation processes, other than the understaffed, seemingly incoherent USDA, who actually thought about it for a few days before asking for the recall, for reasons that […]

Business owners can’t get a hit unless they swing the bat.

A few weeks ago, I decided to celebrate winning a Glazer-Kennedy (GKIC) contest by having a contest of my own. To enter, you needed to send me the best testimonial you have. It could be about you, about me, or anyone else. The best testimonial would do what we talk about here when discussing what […]

Competing with Walmart – this guy gets it.

Last week, a story in the Flathead Beacon (a weekly print/internet paper that carries my business column) discussed a Whitefish MT store called Main Street Art and Crafts Supplies. Main Street offers arts and crafts, but takes things to the next level, by offering classes in cake decorating, stained glass, etc. One quote leaped out […]

3 minute warning: Big reasons employers have to pay attention to the little things

In football, the 2 minute warning seems to work fairly well to wake up teams from Denver/Dallas and kick them in to high gear. How many times did Staubach, Aikman and Elway cause more scoreboard damage in 2 minutes than in perhaps the rest of the game? Plenty. One thing you couldn’t do in that […]