Think and take advantage.

This weekend I’m at Ken McCarthy’s System in Chicago, a who’s who assemblage of internet marketers, along with a fair serving of those new to marketing their business on the internet. Ken puts together a great program, and it’s not the same group of people who would do or say anything to sell you something. It’s an […]

Every day, someone is trying to put you out of business.

Some days it’s a competitor, or a supplier. Other days, it’s the government bureaucracy by virtue of that ever-increasing pile of paperwork. And some days, it’s the people you least expect – your legislators. I spoke a while back about this issue as it related to a misguided “Do not mail” bill that came up […]

Tainted dog food, Oprah and the deafening silence

Lately, the big dog and cat food “scandal” regarding the tainted food manufactured by Menu Foods has been all over the news. Poisoned or tainted food, made by the biggest processors in the industry, has been recalled from all over North America. is just a sample of the press on this topic. Meanwhile, there’s […]

80, 15 and 5 – and how it relates to NxLevel

Next week, I’m the guest instructor for a NxLevel entrepreneur class in Kalispell. I’m teaching the practical part of marketing, following Patti Gregerson from the Kalispell Chamber, who taught the conceptual stuff this week. She’s a sharp cookie that anyone would be lucky to have on their team. On a related matter, Dan talks about […]

Put Donald Trump in charge of Walter Reed

Blog readers: This place is still about business, the slight edge and all the stuff you expect from me. Still, I thought you might find this interesting or instructive (or amusing, who knows), since my comments to the big guy are in the same context as I would normally write here on any other day. […]