Two young ladies: A contrast in character and leadership

photo credit: pedrosimoes7 Year after year, I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to watch young men turn from “typical 5th graders” into amazing young adult leaders. Because of that, examples of youth leadership in the news tend to get my attention. Here’s a study in contrasts of leadership and character from two young ladies: Got […]

Cybercriminals are smiling

photo credit: Anonymous9000 Here’s an extra guest post for you this weekend. It comes courtesy of Knowledge @ Wharton – and it’s extra because I think it important that anyone with a computer and a business have their act together when it comes to securing their business data. It isn’t that long. Read it […]

Something special in the air

I have to say that I never expected a country-western song to be a guest post, but it is what it is. For the rest of the story about how United Airlines baggage handlers trashed Dave Carroll’s guitar and more importantly, their customer service and management mistakes afterwards, drop over to 4.5 million views […]

#amazonfail, Niemoller and your business

photo credit: Asti21 First they came for the chocolate bunnies, and I did nothing because I am not a chocolate bunny. Quite a weekend we’re having: Passover, Good Friday, Easter, the Masters and a few thousand Easter Egg hunts, to name a few. Oh, and I smoked a pork roast that turned out totally incredible. […]

Lessons from companies that have NEVER laid off an employee

photo credit: timsamoff Today’s guest post is a story from about 9 companies who have, as of mid-January 2009, never had a layoff – some going back over 80 years. Check out the stories of Nugget Market, Devon Energy, Aflac, QuikTrip, The Container Shop, NuStar, Stew Leonard’s, Publix and Scottrade. Cross-training, telecommuting, careful hiring […]

Would you buy $34MM for $5MM?

One of the industry-specific discussion groups that I belong to was recently discussing a $5 million fee (for three years of effort) paid in exchange for bringing $34 million worth of value to an organization. Just so there’s no mistaking the result: we’re talking about the receipt of $34 million dollars in funds. Oddly enough, […]

How to tick off a big group of customers

Homeschoolers do what they do for a number of reasons. Some dont like the local schools. Some homeschool so they can include religious teachings in the curriculum, or to avoid stuff in the public school curriculum that contradicts their faith. Some do so because their child has something going on that might not help them […]

Transparent economics. Are yours?

Last Friday, we talked about the surging rate of fuel surcharges for ocean-going containerized freight and how it will soon affect the price of imported goods. As you might expect, fuel surcharges aren’t just going up for seagoing freight customers. It’s hitting air travel customers as well. This Times UK article talks about the recent, […]

Amazon launches their weapon of mass destruction, steps on the long tail of independent authors

photo credit: People continue to have this idea that companies like Wal-Mart, Amazon, Apple, IBM, Starbucks and Microsoft are bulletproof. Folks, it just isn’t so. You might also have thought that UCLA was bulletproof Thursday night against Western Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament, except that no one told WKU about it. Top-seeded UCLA pulled […]