What’s Scary? Ordinary coffee, Michael Jackson and a dancing tiger named Mike

So…what did you do to have a little fun? Here are a couple of examples: One of the many coffee shops that I prod now and then came up with this (among other things) for Halloween. Note the R.I.P. sign, then check out the 2nd image. Below in the hand of the chalk outline, a […]

If you want to sell honey, don’t forget the biscuits

photo credit: Todd Huffman Earlier this week, one of my younger Scouts did a presentation on beekeeping to the troop. His family keeps bees and sells some of the honey as a hobby, so he had some knowledge of the topic and how the bees are handled – but if you are going to talk […]

Being unsociable is a poor choice for the SEC

photo credit: dickuhne Yesterday’s heads up from Mashable about the Southeast Conference’s (SEC) proposed new media policy had the social media world (among others) buzzing in a hurry. The bottom line? No social media usage will be allowed at SEC sporting events. What exactly does this mean? It means no Tweeting from the stadium to […]

Is real-time fast enough for you?

I thought I’d provide a few Twitter stories for you today – call it Twitter Thursday if you like. First, a baker who uses Twitter to notify people what’s baking, what’s ready, etc. Customizable via the BakerTweet website, it takes a twist of a knob and a push of a button and you’re done. Obviously […]

Obama’s Pizza War : Get your piece of the pie

photo credit: Gio JL The President is hosting a group for dinner at the White House this weekend and pizza is on the menu. That alone should have you thinking about opportunities to use the news -  if you’re in the pizza or catering business. But then, it got turned up a notch when Obama […]

Selling Santa with postcards

photo credit: anyjazz65 Last week we talked about the direct mail letter that was used to secure donations of cash, in-kind items for the auction and to attract people to attend – as well as what could have been improved in the letter. I left a few things out of the discussion at the time, […]