Adding value to gathering feedback

Being obsessive about the customer-facing activity of your business requires some discussion about the company’s process for gathering feedback. Ironically, these systems and processes for gathering feedback tend to be at their worst when the customer would benefit most from being heard. It isn’t much of a stretch to imagine that the process for responding […]

How Shiny Is Your Robot?

photo credit: Stéfan Have you ever noticed how careful we are as business owners to take good care for our expensive business equipment? Like…robots. Robots get their hydraulic fluid changed, hydraulic lines pressure checked, wear points examined, worn parts replaced, firmware updated, tolerances tested, configurations checked and their overall performance checked. When a robot doesn’t […]

The two most valuable parts of a conversation

photo credit: pedrosimoes7 Every single day, I see problems that would be solved with better (or any) understanding, speed and an order of magnitude improvement in quality if people would just pick up the phone. I know, especially the more technical folks out there, you want that cocoon. You want to hide and just create. […]

The ROI of Social Media is…

Two minutes and change that hit some of “the what and the why” discussed during my Social Media – A Roadmap for Small Businesses talk this week. The ROI of social media is that your business is still here in five years.

Feedback and the Great Client

photo credit: Peter Gorges Feedback-wise… A great client is one who asks tough questions incessantly, almost always in a polite manner. A good client is one who asks tough questions regularly, sometimes politely. A bad customer is one who asks poor questions, regardless of how they ask them. Tough questions are your friend. Theyâ??re like […]

Did You Know…That You Should Follow Up?

photo credit: antaean If you look at the path a prospect follows on the way to becoming a customer and then, at their path as a new customer; youâ??ll see plenty of places where it would be valuable for them to receive an occasional tap on the shoulder. With that tap comes just a little […]

Billboards and plumber’s pants

photo credit: psyberartist Drive around long enough and you’ll see a billboard that says “If you’re looking, it’s working”. I see the same slogan on electronic advertising displays, which can be found everywhere from restaurant restrooms and gyms to billboards. Is it “working” when you accidentally glance at the back of a plumber’s pants when […]

Notify, notify, notify

photo credit: jesse.millan One of the reasons that smart phones are so popular is that they provide a much better means of getting notified about any number of events, appointments and so on. Your customers’ desire – if not need – to be notified is a critical aspect of your customer service planning. In fact, […]