Leading your team to goal setting

Last week, I suggested that you communicate company goals to each team member so that your company-wide goals have context for them in their daily work and with their department’s goals. That’s only part of the job when working with team members and goal setting. The other part is making sure they have a process […]

6 questions that will shake your productivity beliefs

photo credit: The U.S. Army The easy question sometimes ends up playing the role of the hardest one. The easy question – What system (paper, software, methodology, whatever) do you use to manage ToDos, Goals and Priorities on an annual, monthly, weekly and daily basis? That question is part of The Rescue Interview because managers, CEOs and […]

Twelve Days of You

photo credit: gagilas Think about your day. What did you do yesterday? Were you productive? When I ask that, what I mean is this: Can you reel off a list of high-priority things that you accomplished? Did you waste any time? How much of each hour did you spend on real, focused, dedicated work that […]

9 minutes of “Will power”

Yesterday, I happened across this video montage of Will Smith interview clips that has him discussing what motivates him. His comments on persistence, work ethic and competition are a good listen and well worth the 9 minutes. Do you have that kind of will power?

What *finally* tripped your trigger?

During a recent mastermind session, the gang was talking about motivation and decision-making. While that was stirring around in my head, I managed to stumble across CC Chapman’s insightful post about inspiration. Stir in the TED Behind the Scenes video included in CC’s post, which I’ve included above. I strongly suggest you read CC’s comments […]

Don’t Listen to these Creativity Killers

photo credit: epSos.de I‘ve been reading John Maxwell’s “How Successful People Think” recently. This list of creativity killing comments from John’s book reminded me of so many things going on in the world these days that I simply had to make it a guest post. How many times have you heard these comments when you shared […]

One guy and 12 minutes to a lifelong customer @SouthwestAir

photo credit: kevindooley Not long ago, a little boy was murdered. Soon after, his grandpa was traveling to see his little 3 year old grandson one last time. He was running for the plane, desperately late despite getting to the airport several hours before departure. After two hours of standing in line, pleading with TSA […]

The President of You

photo credit: dev null Been talking about this for a good while, glad to find someone else who agrees. There is one President who matters to your business: The President of you. What you do today, tomorrow, the next day and every day to improve your products, services, customer support, and to continue to provide […]

Just One Thing

One of my favorite movies – and a scene that every business owner needs to consider. What’s your business’ one thing?  What’s yours? Is that what the bulk of your current efforts are working towards? If you need some help figuring that out – or just staying focused on it – check out The Power […]

Why is management tracking us? Evidence.

photo credit: kevindooley I‘ve been reading Joel Spolsky’s blog for a really long time. So long that he’s sort of retired it, or at least changed it substantially from its earlier days. There are some posts I return to frequently. The Joel Test being one of them. The Joel Test is a simple 12 checkbox […]