Omaha! Omaha! Omaha!” – Who knows, but it can’t hurt”

Any number of claims will be made about this weekend’s Bronco victory in the AFC Championship game, but one stands out above the rest. “Sponsorship evaluation firm Front Row Analytics said the city of Omaha got its money worth with each verbal mention of Omaha worth the equivalent of $150,000 in advertising.” This claim, from […]

Perfect is the enemy of done – or is it?

A couple of weeks ago, NASA celebrated the one year anniversary of Curiosity Rover landing on Mars. As someone who has been taking pictures since the ’60s, I still find it amazing that we can tell a satellite orbiting Mars to take a picture of a Jeep-size spacecraft parachuting to its landing 62 million miles away […]

How much trouble do you go to for your customers?

Most companies go to a little bit of trouble to create content for their customers. Some go to a lot. Some exert little or none. Hubspot exerts more than most for a video on their unsubscribe page. How hard are you working for your customers? Hat tip to PRDaily for the find.  

Do you encourage your fans?

Linkin Park clearly understands their fans. Some bands (or their “record” companies) would complain to YouTube or Flickr if a fan posted concert footage or photos. They’d ask to have them removed. Not these guys. They post links on their official site that point to Flickr and YouTube videos taken by fans. But it doesn’t […]

Taking yourself out of context

Google recently released a video demonstrating how speedy the new build of their Chrome browser runs. You *still* get the idea that Chrome is fast, but you are far from bored to tears as they demonstrate that. If they showed a spreadsheet or graph documenting the speed of Chrome as compared to Internet Explorer, Firefox […]

Two young ladies: A contrast in character and leadership

photo credit: pedrosimoes7 Year after year, I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to watch young men turn from “typical 5th graders” into amazing young adult leaders. Because of that, examples of youth leadership in the news tend to get my attention. Here’s a study in contrasts of leadership and character from two young ladies: Got […]

The Reason Why

photo credit: timparkinson Ever notice that some businesses have a sale every other week? (or worse, even more often than that) I guess they think they have to. They’re the ones who have sales so often that *everyone* seems to wait until the next sale before they buy. Hey, it’s right around the corner, why […]

Inspiring your customers with kangaroos and wombats

photo credit: lastquest Today’s guest post comes from Nicholas Basbanes, who comments on the interesting and creative choice of paper used to print a book. Little things mean a lot – the article explains it well, but don’t be distracted by it. Instead, allow it to fertilize thoughts like “How can I create a context […]

So, what exactly do you do, anyhow?

photo credit: fazen We had a brief guest-post-ular discussion about this a week or so ago when I used Chris Garrett’s ‘What are you a natural at?” as a guest post. Add to that, this comment from Drew McLellan and it struck me that there are a fair number of people that I feel like […]

The Cure for “The Culture of Cant”

[audio:] It’s not unusual for small business owners to be involved in community organizations, so in that spirit I have something a little different from our every day discussion here – yet still completely applicable to your business – no matter what that business does. Rather than Friday’s normal Hotseat Radio show, today I had […]